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December 2022

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IAACA Resources

New IAACA Office

The IAACA Secretariat is setting up a new office in Hong Kong with meeting and training facilities. The new office is expected to start operation in April next year. 

New IAACA Website

A new IAACA website will be launched in Jan 2023 with enriched contents and enhanced features to facilitate information sharing and experience exchange. For example, an “e-Forum” which allows members to conveniently communicate with each other by posting their messages such as seeking cooperation, a section to house a repository of anti-corruption resources such as publications, feature articles, training materials, etc.  To learn more, stay tuned with us.

Season's Greetings


IAACA Secretariat 

IAACA Secretariat

Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong, China

Tel : (852) 2826 3361


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